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    Chevron Comic Strip Goes Animated

    Supa Strikas comic series has transformed into a multimedia branded experience.

    SAN RAMON, Calif. -- Chevron has taken one of its global sponsorships to a whole new level with an innovative, multi-channel and engaging program that extends beyond traditional sports sponsorship and results in significant brand recognition, the company reported.

    Supa Strikas is a wildly popular comic series appearing in Africa, South America and Asia Pacific that features a fictional soccer team that sports Caltex- and Texaco-branded jerseys.

    Recently, the comic has been brought to life in an animated TV series receiving rave reviews and reaching an even wider audience, according to Chevron.

    As a result of the success and popularity of the series, Chevron said its sponsorship flourished into a full-blown promotional campaign that includes real-life tournaments, such as the Caltex Supa Cup. Also, by combining print, Web and television mediums, Supa Strikas has become a true multimedia branded experience, and an example of the Chevron’s focus on integrated marketing strategies that enhance the attributes of its three world-class brands—Chevron, Texaco and Caltex, the company stated.

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