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    BP Rolls Out Advanced Financial Kiosks

    Company's BP- and ampm-branded convenience stores will see the new technology.

    HOUSTON -- More than 1,200 BP- and ampm-branded convenience stores across the nation will see the installation of advanced financial service kiosks, the company stated.

    The kiosks are approximately the size of a traditional ATM machine, and offers a range of financial products and services -- including ATM transactions, pre-paid and re-loadable debit cards, automated bill payment and pin-based wireless top-up and pre-paid phone cards, according to the company. In addition, customers at the station will have the ability to cash both government and payroll checks through the kiosk.

    Additional services -- such as money orders, domestic and international money transfers and deposit acceptance -- will be available over the next year, the company stated.

    BP noted the program gives consumers several advantages, including:

    -- Quick and accessible services to manage financial needs;
    -- Consolidation of trips, as separate trips to pay bills, wire money and cashing a check can be done in one place; and
    -- An access point for consumers with limited Internet access.

    The company also plans to offer the kiosks to its jobbers and dealers, BP stated.

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