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    ampm Feeds Los Angeles Dodgers Promotion

    "Too Much Good Stuff" promotion will offer ampm products to baseball fans.

    LOS ANGELES -- Dodger Stadium is now home to the "ampm All-You-Can-Eat Right Field Pavilion," which was renamed to honor the three-year sponsorship deal called "Too Much Good Stuff" between the Los Angeles Dodgers and convenience store chain ampm.

    "The Dodgers are pleased to continue our partnership with ampm through the new All-You-Can-Eat Right Field Pavilion," said Dodger Chief Operating Officer Marty Greenspun. "ampm has been a loyal partner for the last four seasons and we're proud to continue to enhance our partnership with this addition."

    As a part of the sponsorship, ampm will be the exclusive sponsor of the Right Field Pavilion and will include in-stadium exposure such as a permanent outfield wall position and logo placement in the Pavilion.

    ampm will also offer discounted Pavilion ticket offers through its locations and sampling of ampm products during Dodger home games. Promotions will also be launched, including an ampm Cooler Bag premium giveaway on Aug. 4.

    In addition, ampm will reach out to the local Hispanic market through Spanish-language advertisements on Dodger radio broadcasts and participation in the annual “Viva Los Dodgers” festival.

    “The ampm All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion is an exciting part of our 2007 marketing efforts and a great addition to our existing sponsorship,” said Richard Barker, BP head of global retail advertising and communications. “ampm is all about ‘Too Much Good Stuff.’ Partnering with the Dodgers allows our customers a great way to indulge in the game with our discounted tickets and sample our proprietary products, all while having fun with the whole family.”

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