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    Amid Protests, Sheetz Likely to Get Approval for New Store

    City officials in Ohio approve plans as residents scoff.

    KENT, Ohio -- Despite residential concerns, a proposed Sheetz convenience store is receiving support from Kent city planning officials.

    During a recent meeting, building and zoning certificates for the location at the corner of North Mantua Street and Fairchild Avenue were presented by six Sheetz officials, reported the Courier Record.

    The proposed site plan calls for a 4,900-square-foot convenience store featuring an all-brick exterior with no weather canopy connecting the store to its six fuel pumps, reported the paper. The plan also calls for 33 spaces, although only 20 are required, the paper reported.

    The city’s "staff is of the opinion this project does meet the code," Kent plans engineer, Jennifer Barone, stated during the meeting.

    Kent community development department director, Gary Locke, told the paper Sheetz officials altered their station design to be amicable to neighbor concerns.

    "We have not had much proposed for that particular corner over the years," Locke told the paper. "It’s up to the planning commission to see if they’ve met the requirements of the code."

    The commission will vote on the project Sept. 2. In total, 40 to 50 jobs will be created if the store gets the green light.

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