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    7-Eleven Supports Free Realms Online Video Game Launch

    Tween and teen market logs on: 75 percent of users are under 17 years old, with one-third being female.

    SAN DIEGO -- Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) has seen more than 2 million unique users register for Free Realms (www.FreeRealms.com), a free-to-play, family-friendly online video game, which launched April 28, 2009. And 7-Eleven Inc. is one of the five major retail chains selling the Station Cash game cards.

    To support the initial release and launch of Free Realms, nearly 1 million Station Cash game cards were made available Best Buy, Blockbuster, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven and Target. Once purchased, the cards are used to redeem Station Cash and buy virtual goodies or upgrade to a membership status in the game, according to Sony.

    "In less than a month, Free Realms has captivated a core player base of tween and teen gamers, while also strongly resonating with MMO gamers," said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. "We wanted to create a game to play with our families and are excited to have hit the mark with our intended audience."

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