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    7-Eleven Debuts Virtual Dating Game to Promote New Coffee

    Consumer Web site The711Club.com launches offering coupons for playing the game.

    DALLAS -- 7-Eleven launched a virtual dating game, www.the711club.com, which challenges consumers to wake up with a "Hot Brazilian ... cup of coffee," the company reported.

    The game whisks players away to Rio Janiero's exotic 711 Club, where they select a hot "date" from a group of sexy women and men. Game play involves navigating various nightclub scenarios by selecting the correct humorous "pick-up lines" from a multiple-choice list. Players earn "mojo points" for each correct answer, as well as through other nightclub challenges, according to the company.

    Sufficient "mojo" earns players an invitation to "Wake-Up with a Hot Brazilian" via a downloadable coupon for 7-Eleven's Brazilian bold coffee and a map to his or her nearest 7-Eleven convenience store location.

    Other features include:
    -- A dance-off game giving players a chance to show their moves by trying to stay in-rhythm with their date
    -- The opportunity to share "pictures" and brag about the experience to friends
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