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    Through the pages of Convenience Store News.


    In the News
    Convenience Store News celebrates 25th anniversary.

    Kevin Smith, clerk at New Jersey Quick Stop Groceries, debuts the film “Clerks.”

    McLane Co. turns 100.

    Wawa turns 30.

    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Circle K acquires Kwik-Stop in Phoenix AZ


    The Numbers
    Top 10 in store sales items: tobacco, beer/wine/liquor, bottled/canned drinks, prepared foods, grocery/frozen foods, candy, milk/dairy, fountain/slush/coffee, salted snacks, general merchandise.

    37 percent of c-stores have more than 2,500 square feet.

    55 percent of stores have 24-hour operations.


    Mergers and Acquisitions
    The Pantry sold to investment group Freeman Spoglin and Co. Inc. for $50 million.

    Diamond Shamrock purchases National Convenience Stores Inc. for $260 million.

    Retailer Expansion
    Strasburger Enterprises Inc. opens Moscows first “American-style” c-store.

    The Numbers
    According to a report by CSNews, 31 percent of American adults shop in a c-store once a week, 28 percent of teens do.

    C-store industry makes $115.3 billion in sales


    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Fina Inc. and Southwest Convenience Stores merge into Southwest Convenience Stores LLC.

    DB Cos. Inc. buys 161 stores from Dairy Mart Convenience Stores Inc.

    Texaco Inc. and Shell Oil Co. combine Midwestern and Western operations.

    Ultramar Diamond Shamrock acquires Total Petroleum North America for $811 million.

    The Pantry Inc. acquires all 489 Lil’ Champ Food Stores for $132.7 million.

    Retailer Innovation
    ARCO spends $25 million on rolling out gourmet coffee and reimaging its mini markets.

    People in the News
    Jim Yates of E-Z Mart inducted into the Convenience Store Industry Hall of Fame.


    Retailer Innovation
    7-Eleven tests in-store public internet kiosks.

    The Numbers
    22 percent of people aged 18-29 shop at a c-store almost every day according to a report by CSNews.

    84 percent of c-stores with foodservice had unbranded programs according to the CSNews Foodservice Study.

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